Importance of Physical Activity for Students in Orangeville by Jeshua Leers

Students under the Orangeville District School Board who are physically active on a regular basis, are healthy as their body shape reflects their health. Participating in sports allows an adequate amount of physical activity, which is beneficial to the student.

When young students do not participate in physical activity, many health issues can arise.

Some of the diseases that come from a lack of physical activity can become very fatal, and even hospitalize the student.

One such diseases can be type 2 diabetes, which is a dangerous illness that will affect the student, and parent's of the student forever.

When students participate in physical activity on a regular basis, they are much happier. Psychologists proved that students have better attitudes, and lower anxiety when physically active.
If the parents of students in the Orangeville District School Board made their child participate in just one hour of physical activity per day, the students mental and physical health would be increased.

The End.

Created By
Jeshua Leers


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