Grace of Sages Paharpani, uttarakhand

It was 2005. I was in Guwahati, Assam for some legal assignment. Navratra festival was going on and I was inspired to visit Kamakhya Temple in Kamrup. There is a Bhairon Temple at the entrance of main temple. During Navaratri, on the adjacent ground of Bhairon Temple many siddhas engage themselves in severe austerity.

The Menstruating Goddess, Kamakhya

A sage was there engaged in solemn invocation of Fire Goddess. I learnt that fire is a manifestation of cosmic energy in earthy realm.

Life is play of cosmic energy

I sat in front of him. An eternity passed and he didn't notice the visitor at his altar. After sometime an ascetic come to me and asked to pray for anything. He informed me that whenever you visit a renunciate siddha, you must not leave the place without asking for your wishes.

A makeshift altar of a Siddha

I didn't know what to ask for. But I sat in silence and started meditating upon Goddess Kamakhya. Slowly silence descended upon me and I forgot the temple, siddha and even myself. "What do you want", the Goddess asked. "I don't want your world, I want you", I wanted to speak but could not utter a word.

The Siddha opened his eyes and looked into me directly. A fierce gaze.

Eyes communicate

Nobody can give you God. You have to find that yourself. He paused, and whispered, "You are blessed. You asked something on this altar, and even existence cannot deny it."

You shall be visiting my dhuni sometimes, he prophesied. "Where is that", I wanted to ask. Before I can utter a word, he closed his eyes and those eyes were not opened for many many hours. As dusk descended, I left the place and departed for airport.

After a few years of constant remembrance of the incident, incidentally I learned about the Siddha and visited many of the places where he has meditated and offered his austerities. Paharpani is one of those places. I sat on this alter and meditated on that Siddha.

The awakened altar

In this cottage the Siddha lived for quite sometime.

Hermit's cottage in Paharpani

Gobori Gufa is an awakened place near Paharpani.

Gobori Gufa

It is said that the cave is connected to Patal Bhuwaneshwar cave and Kailash Mansarovar.

Paharpani does not have a place to stay. But by the grace of almighty, the caretaker of a beutiful cottage nearby was a staunch devotee of the Siddha and he allowed me to stay there with extremely tasty vegetarian meals.

A place to stay


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