Good Life Performance By Anish Gupta

The Spatial Experience: As I walked in the Constans theater, I was very excited as I had been looking forward to watching this play since I signed up for the Good Life. We got amazing seats, in the 4th or 5th row at the center. This fueled my excitement. When the lights dimmed, I could feel goose bumps crawling up my arms. The size didn't really play a big role as we were sitting in the front. Place plays a huge role in good life. It sets the tone and setting of how and what is going to happen.

The Social Experience: I attended the play with 6 of my friends. We were all really excited for it, and as we went on a Saturday night, we had the whole day to look forward to it. We got dressed up in our semi-formal clothes right before and walked over to the theater together. The fact that we attended with friends significantly enhanced my experience, as we were able to discuss and analyze the play afterwards. The social experience is probably the most important role in good life. What you are like with your friends shapes who you are.

The Cultural and Intelligent Experience: The story took place in December 1905 in Quebec City. The main central issues are child labor, corruption in the church, and the significance of the theater. I was mostly unfamiliar with a lot of the subjects in the play, which meant I was able to learn quite a bit. I am against child labor wholeheartedly, which meant my views did not change. I also realized that church hasn't always been perfect and probably never will be. I now have a newfound appreciation for the importance of theater in everyday life. I was not really able to relate to many of the issues in the play.

The Emotional Experience: The play The Divine: A Play ForĀ Sarah Bernhardt provided many opportunities for Katharsis. Michaud's character embodies this. He is never afraid to speak his mind, particularly when he's talking to Bernhardt. Michaud also attempts to cover up his love for theater, Bernhard attempts to disguise her identity (as a minority, a wealthy woman). However, they both are ultimately unsuccessful. This provides an opportunity for the audience, as viewers, to come clean. We can see what it really means to be happy and to go through the good life. We are also forced to acknowledge the conflict and controversy in everyday life of religion, social class, as well as gender. This is a perfect opportunity to undergo Katharsis.

Me leaving the theater

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