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The capital of Germany:

The capital of Germany is Berlin.

  • Berlin was founded on October 28, 1237.
  • It is located in Europe, Northeastern Germany.
  • The flag is white with two red stripes at the top and bottom, the Berlin Bear rests between the stripes.
  • It is 34 meters above sea level.
  • The climate is mild summers and wet winters.
Map Germany, where Berlin is.

The longest river in Germany

The longest river in Germany is the Danube.

  • The length is about 1,785 miles
  • The river starts in Donaueschingen, Germany, located in the Black Forest.
  • The river is not only the longest in Germany, but also in the European Union.
  • It is the second longest.river on the continent.
  • The mouth of the river is in the Danube Delta of Romania, at the Black Sea.

The tallest mountain in Germany:The tallest mountain in Germany is called Zugspitze Mountain.

  • The mountain stands at 2,962 meters tall.
  • It is located between the border of Austria and the border of Germany.
  • It was first climbed in August 28, 1820.
  • It was first climbed by The first people to ever climb Zugspitze mountain was Josef Naus, his assistant Maier, and the mountain guide, Johann Georg Tauschl.
  • It is also the highest mountain in the Wetterstein Mountains.

All of the mountain chains in Germany.

  1. Alps
  2. Harz
  3. Black Forest
  4. Ore mountains
  5. Rhön Mountains
  6. Wetterstein
  7. Swabian Jura
  8. Bavarian Alps
  9. Thuringia Forest
  10. Karwendel
  11. Northern Limestone Alps
  12. Vogelsberg Mountains
  13. Eifel
  14. Allgäu Alps
  15. Berchtesgaden Alps
  16. Bavarian Forest
  17. Elbe Sandstone
  18. Fichte Mountians
  19. Roth are Mountains
  20. Hunstruck
  21. Odenwald
  22. Spessart
  23. Franconian Forest
  24. Ester Mountains
  25. Saxon Switzerland
  26. Westerwald
  27. Upper Palatine Forest
  28. Chieftain Alps
  29. Siebengeberg
  30. Kyffhäuser
  31. Teutoburg Forest
  32. Wiesenthal Hills
  33. Khufu gen Forest
  34. Kellerwald
  35. Zittau Mountains
  36. Kaiserstuhl
  37. Knüllgebirge
  38. Hoher Meissner
  39. Thuringia Highland
  40. Solling
  41. Sallhausen Hills
  42. Wester Uplands
  43. Egge
  44. Elster Mountians
  45. Franconian Heights
  46. Franconian Jura
  47. Dollberge
  48. Diary Forest
  49. Habichtswald
  50. North Paltine Uplands
The Black Forest in Germany

The Nearest Ocean in or beside Germany

The ocean closest to Germany is the Baltic Sea, it borders Germany

  • The Baltic Sea is home to 49 islands
  • At its max potential I can reach up to 1,601 kilometers
  • At its max potential it can reach up to 193 kilometers long
  • The average depth is around 55 meters
  • The max depth is 459 meters
The Baltic Sea

The total population in Germany

The total population in Germany is 80,722,792 people.

  • From ages 0-14 there is a total population of 5,5,317 males and 183 females.
  • From ages 15-24 there is 4,203 males and 985 females.
  • From ages 25-54 there are around 16,721 males and 667 females.
  • From ages 55-64 there are about 5,695 males and 117 females.
  • From ages 65 years and older there are around 7,709 males and 799 females.

The largest lake in Germany

The largest lake in Germany is called Lake Constance.

  • The coordinates for Lake Constance is 47 35 North and 9 28 East.
  • At max length it can get to 68 km length.
  • At max width it can get to 14 km wide.
  • The lake is home to the island Mainau, Reichenau, and island Lindau.
  • The max depth is around 251 meters.
Lake Constance.

Are there any active volcanos in Germany?

No, there are no active volcanos in Germany, but here are some problems Germans face....

  • A big natural disaster that Germans often worry about is flooding.
  • They also worry about air pollution and Nitrogen Oxides.
  • Germans also fear earthquakes even though they haven't had one for a good 100 years.
  • Many Germans also fear weather, although it is not a major impact on their life, they still get nervous every time lots of snow falls on the ground or when a thunderstorm is preparing to strike.
  • Just last year a lightning bolt hit a fair that was taking place in Germany, ever since then Germans have had a certain fear for lightning.
The Zugspitze mountain in Germany, covered in snow.

The Geographic Coordinates of Germany.

The Geographic coordinates of Germany is 51 00 North and 9 00 East.

What Region of the World is Germany in?

Germany is located in Europe.

  • Germany is one of the most important business centers in Germany.
  • Germany can be found in the middle or central part of Europe.
  • Germany has around 357, 022 square kilometers of land and water.
  • The most visited place in Europe is Disneyland, Paris.
  • Only 1% of the items kept at the British Museum are actually on display.
Map of Europe

What is the climate like in Germany?

The climate is wet, cool, and cloudy. In the summers they get an occasional summer wind.

What kind of natural disasters can be found in Germany?

The worst natural disaster that happens in Germany is flooding. This can happen due to the large amount of rain they experience.

What is the economic worth of Germany?

Here are five facts about Germany's economic worth....

  • Debt: $5.326 trillion
  • Imports: $987.6 billion
  • Exports: $1.283 trillion
  • Current account balance: $301.4 billion
  • Budget: Revenues: $1.507 trillion
  • Budget: Expenditures: $1.484 trillion

Life Expantancy.

It is expected for the female to last until the age of 83.1 years

It is expected for the make of last until the age of 78.4 years


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