Ambassador Beecroft Learns Lessons From Luxor STEM Students

School Principal Hesham Abdel Rehim Mohamed and school leaders guided the delegation of Ambassador Beecroft, Governor Badr, and Ministry of Education Undersecretary Taha Bekhiet on a tour of the school.

In the biology lab, students demonstrated their solution to one of Egypt’s grand challenges: irrigation.

Their motto? “Each drop has a job.”

Ambassador Beecroft and Luxor Governor Mohamed Badr competed in darts as the students explain the physics behind the game.

Students explained the geometry and chemistry of art to the delegation.

Ambassador Beecroft noted that the students are “very smart” and will not only benefit Egypt but the entire world. Here, he speaks with students in the chemistry lab.

The delegation listened to STEM students sing and drum – and explain the biology and physics of sound.

Students created the drums using recycled materials and did experiments on drum size to determine sound.

The Ambassador, with Governor Badr and USAID Mission Director Sherry Carlin in the school’s MIT FabLab provided through USAID funding.

The delegation watched on as the students programmed and ran a CNC router.

Luxor’s STEMtastic students! Science Rocks!


All photos by Jon Erb for USAID

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