The Finger Food Bowl BY Jamison Davis

Happy post Super Bowl weekend! This weekend was really special for me because growing up in a "football, all of the time" kind of family meant that the Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in my house (next to Christmas, of course). This means food galore, all day. Honestly, when I think of football season in general, I instantly think of finger food: wings, loaded potato skins, the whole nine yards. Although, in this case, it would probably be the whole 100 yards. Okay, I'll stop with the bad jokes, on to the food!

First on the starting roster: wings. You can't watch football, especially the Big Game, without having wings in some form on the menu. You can have classic buffalo wings, lemon pepper, garlic parmesan, boneless or bone-in, extra wet, dry rub, I could go on for days, there are so many different ways to have wings tailored to your taste. Personally, my favorite place to get wings is Rooster's, especially since they opened the new one on Sawmill. I have to hold myself back from getting their wings and mac and cheese bites all the time, they're so close. However, I've seen that they're opening a new wing spot called Wing Snob in two locations: one in Dublin, and one in Clintonville, so that review will definitely be coming soon (wink wink).

Next up, nachos. These babies are just as versatile and customizable as wings: there's loaded nachos (which can honestly have its own sub-categories), breakfast nachos, dessert nachos, etc. Nachos are the perfect party snack, because you can just make a large plate of the melty, cheesy chips and everybody can eat them as they choose. You can also get fancy with it and put out a make-your-own nacho bar, which is a personal favorite of mine.

I don't know how I got this far and haven't talked about this food yet: pigs in a blanket! They're so easy to make, since it's just cut up hot dogs wrapped in crescent dough, but it's also an easy way to satisfy your guests during the game. I mean, sure, you could be healthy and put out a veggie platter, but it's football: live it up! I could seriously go on and on about my love for pigs in a blanket, they're a staple in my house on the day of the Big Game.

Whether it's the Big Game itself or just a preseason matchup, snacks are always important if you're hosting a football party. Happy hosting and happy eating, Kilbourne!