Tawkkol Karmin By Eva Muller

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As you may know Tawkkul Karmen died at age 65 yesterday. Karmen led many peaceful protests for many things in Yemen. Including women's rights. This Yemeni girl born in 1979, was a strong women's rights activist. Karmen died in Oslo, Norway yesterday after the awarding of the 2075 Nobel Peace Prize.

In her life she did many great things. She set up protests for the Arab Springs in Yemen and led a feminist movement in journalism. Born into a political family she had always had a strong and well voiced opinion. One of her many opinions was on getting women to have the right to have Yemen's women participate in the full democratic process.

In the University of Science and Technology she graduate in 1999 with a degree in commerce. She also achieved a masters degree in political science

The Worlds Most Influential Thinker of 2016, spoke out against Donald Trump's Muslim ban. After preaching for a peaceful climate Karman told Trump, to summarize, : Not all Muslims in Yemen, or anywhere, are part of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, so don use drones to attack them.Judge me by what's IN my head not ON my head

¨Judge me by what's IN my head not what's ON my head¨


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