Get To Know The Varsity Softball Team 2019-2020


Kimberly Tuxpan ('20), Outfield

"When I am on the field, I tend to think too much. Just overthinking about where the ball is going to be, my batting, missing the ball. As I get used to playing more frequently, I think I will adapt and let go of those nerves.”


Victoria Pinkett ('20), Second Base

“I think my goal as a captain this year is to really just foster team spirit and community because I think that that is an important aspect in softball. There is a lot of mental preparation that goes into a game, so having a team that is supportive of one another and with spirits always high is uplifting."


Siena Mizel ('20), Center Field

“I want to make sure that the girls who have not played before are getting the help and support they need, while the girls who have have the room to keep practicing and growing, so we can all come together to be the best we can possibly be.”

Mikayla Weinhouse ('22), Catcher

"I just hope we bond together as a team — we had a tough season last year, especially because we didn’t have great coaching, but we got new coaches, so I am hopeful that the season will be better and we’ll maybe win some games — that would be really cool."

Presley Sacavitch ('22), Outfield

"I think everyone really likes the coaches; they put a lot of energy into every girl and they really care about everyone and they are very organized — we all love the direction they are leading us into. I started playing softball in ninth grade, and I think these coaches are really going to help me hone my skills and improve overall. I know that CIF would be a stretch, but it is definitely one of my goals for the team to reach."

Sophie Wallack ('23), Outfield

“I wanted to be on a team, and I honestly just wanted to meet new people. I’m doing it with my friend Mia, we both wanted to try something new together, but we weren’t quite sure what. We noticed that all levels are welcome on the softball team, so we have decided to give it a try.”

Kayla Gathers ('21), Shortstop

“I just want to boost the morale of the team and create positive energy — build that sense of camaraderie. My mentality is have fun, play well, work hard.”

Jessica Jimenez ('22), Outfield

“Learning how to be a good player and a good teammate is my priority. I know that the softball team has a really strong community, and I would love to be able to take part in that and learn their traditions.”

Elle Croker ('22), Outfield

“Something I'm looking forward too; just an overall improvement, but mostly to enjoy myself. I'm excited to contribute to the team and help encourage my mates.”

Cristina Fuentes ('22), Third Base

“Have patience — don’t get stressed out when you don’t pick up on something right away. Batting takes time and even the most professional people strike out. Remembering to try your hardest, but also not being afraid to make mistakes.”

Ava Thompson ('21), First Base

"Oh my gosh, there are too many things to be excited about for the season! I am excited to make new friends, have fun with the game, getting as far as we can and playing along with whatever comes."

Faith Soriano ('22), Pitcher

"I love softball! The sport has shown me that hard work and commitment can get you anywhere. I especially love playing for Archer because there is so much support within our community."

Layla Huber-Verjan ('22), Outfield

"Softball is always something I look forward to playing after school. It is one of my favorite parts of the day because it's a designated time to let go of schoolwork and stress and have fun on the field with my team. I can always depend on my teammates and coaches to brighten my day."

Marissa Gendy ('22), Outfield

"We are going to continue to grow throughout the season, so I think everyone will have a good understanding of the game by the time league starts."

Briana Gonzalez ('22) and Mia Makower ('23) are not pictured.