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Ladue High School Football: Ram Country

This is the first scoreboard visual I made for the 2019 Ladue Horton Watkins High School Football Season. My estimate of how long it would take me to complete this video was way off. This video took around 4 weeks to make due to limited access to the broadcast studio and the football team's intense practice schedule. I will say that the footage I had to work with when making this video was the largest selection I had all season. I worked with all of the film from last year and footage from state. After this video I had to gather more and more of my own footage rather than relying on the stationary field and box cams.

"A champion is someone who gets up when he can't." - Jack Dempsey


Scoreboard! ScoreBoard!

Ladue Horton Watkins Rams vs. Westminster Wildcats

This is a video I made for the scoreboard Jumbotron to recap the Ladue Ram's Victory over the Westminster Academy Wildcats. This was one of my simpler videos. Watching the Rams work their magic on the field is always a treat and capturing the footage allows me to feel as though I am a part of the game. I gathered the majority of my own footage along with some of the stadium cam footage.

Fun fact: In a foot race, a ram would pace neck and neck with the Los Angeles Ram's fastest running back, Todd Gurley, at a speed of 21.98 mph.

Friday Night Lights @Ladue

Ladue High Friday Night Lights

This is the first edit of the "Can't lose" video I made for the video scoreboard. I showed the second one on the scoreboard, but I still genuinely like this one. I really enjoyed playing with a more cartoon like structure than usual. This video was very short, but it was a real hassle. The football that Luke kicks ends up getting lost in the lights of the stadium so I took the football from a different clip and put it together with the football Luke kicks. I then had to adjust the color of both footballs and the lighting behind them to get the opaque black background behind them and to make the movement of the football look somewhat natural.

Never surrender

Orrin S. "Sage" Wightman Field

Never Surrender Ladue Football (Friday Night Lights Pt. 2)

This is the second edit of the previous Friday Night Lights @ Ladue/ "Can't Lose" video. When I originally made it I felt like something was missing. I had a few people review and the decision was to add the sound of the crowd in the background. I honestly am not sure which one I like better. I like the intensity of the silence and the heartbeat of the original. Yet, the sound of the crowd adds to a different type of intensity. The crowd adds the feeling of pressure on the kicker. I also had an edit in which the sound fades out when he kicks the ball. I might play with something like that in a video in the future. I actually adore the way the sound fades out in that edit I could almost feel the pressure fading as the ball is literally out of the kicker's hands or actually, feet.

Protect This House

Lights Up!

Ladue Rams Football Senior Night

This video was made in order to be displayed on Wightman Field's Video Scoreboard at Ladue Horton Watkins High School on Football Senior Night. Senior Night is a very emotional night. A lot rides on the Senior Night game. The game is more about respect for the seniors than it is about winning. In the final frame of the video (which is also the thumbnail) I chose to change the color of the text in to a darker color. This darker color adds to the intensity of the page, "Protect this house" becomes a demand rather than a plea.

Senior Night Personal Profiles

Mason Player #3 WR/DB

I used a consistent sound for most of the personal profiles in order to allow them to have a uniform style. Yet, Mason's was very fun to make. The majority of his movements are on beat to the music. This was just a fun little thing that was unnecessary to do, but I thought it would be fun to try to match his movements with the music. We had to redo his multiple times because he couldn't stop laughing and the other guys were making it worse I eventually had to get them all to stop talking to him completely (which I never do because I usually play music in the studio and let them talk to make them more relaxed and then detatch the audio later) so that I wouldn't have to redo his shot for the fifth time. In the end I love how it turned out.

Henry McIntosh #12 QB

Henry's was the most fun to make. When recording their footage I had him redo his action one more time because in his first take he appeared uncomfortable. Discomfort can be felt through the screen. In this take he was much more relaxed and his is one of my favorites because there is no discomfort in his movement. Also, I felt pressure to make sure that our QB's profile would feel intimidating when Kirkwood looked up at the screen and saw him almost looming over them.

Brian Faulkner #67 OL/DL

This is one of my favorite videos. Brian's movements and demeanor didn't fit the intense music I used for the guys before him so I used a song that was a little more fun, because his profile is a little more fun. He was one of the few guys that didn't really care about looking intimidating and I think that's why we didn't have to redo his so many times, he was just being Brian.

Kyle Snyder #22 RB/LB

Kyle's profile makes me laugh every time I see it. Instead of doing a motion or continually moving like the other guys, Kyle just wanted to stand there and look intimidating. It's so funny to me, but it turned out great. In the end these videos were more about what the player wanted it to look like than what I wanted it to look like. Therefore, if the player likes their motion, I love it. He was another that was comfortable in front of the camera and therefore his clip turned out fantastic.

What's The Secret ?

The Rams finished the 2019 season with an impressive record of 12(W)- 2(L).

What's the Secret?

A video made to support the Ladue Horton Watkins Rams as they braved the fields of playoffs season as the reigning state champions. This was my final video of the 2019 season. I received the most feedback on this video. I knew I wanted to make this video the moment I saw the locker room celebration clip on a few members of the football teams' social media accounts. I ended up direct messaging one of them to get the footage and asked if I could use it. It took me awhile to decide how I wanted to record the sound. I ended up sitting in my school's sound booth and recording myself using a lavalier microphone. I ended up editing the script I wrote out a few times and redoing it over and over again. I didn't want to patch multiple clips together because I wanted the sound to be seamless. I recorded it until I got it right a few times and then changed the tone with which I said a few words. There are three other versions of the audio I could've used in which I either spoke with a different type of emotion. I ended up with this one because it was intense but it wasn't overdone.

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 Image by Ian Dooley; Entitled:  "The Plan Before the Adventure"