Bearded Dragons Beards rule


[Fun Fact No. 1] Bearded Dragons bask in sun / light for warmth.

*munch munch*

[Fun Fact No. 2] Bearded Dragons will eat an assortment of vegetable and fruits, as well as dandelions.

Oooh, spikey

[Fun Fact No. 3 & 4] Most "spikes" on bearded dragons aren't actually spikes, also bearded dragons aren't dragons with beards, they're just lizards with beards that are adorable <3

My, what a big eye you have!

[Fun Fact No. 5] Bearded Dragons' eyelids have white spots in the middle of them to try and trick predators into believing they're still awake

What are you looking at?!

[Fun Fact No. 6 & 7 & 8 & 9] Bearded Dragons puff themselves up to look bigger and try to scare predators, also bearded dragons have an motion sensor on the top of their head to sense when something's over it, also bearded dragon's beards and sometimes stomachs will go black when agitated, usually a pattern on the stomach.



Created with images by twiseman - "lizard pet dragon" • distar97 - "Churro 03" • Milchdrink - "bearded dragon australia lizard" • scragz - "Bearded dragon" • Matt Romack Photography - "Bearded dragon's eye" • justinbaeder - "Bearded Dragon" • distar97 - "Churro the bearded dragon"

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