Yorkville high school Learning & Grading Plan

Cultivating learners who apply skills and experiences to enrich society.

We Believe:

  • Academic performance/skills are separate from academic behaviors
  • Grades reflect mastery of content
  • Learning activities contribute to student growth, guide teacher instruction, and are an essential part of student success


  • Formative assessments inform teaching and are not calculated into a formal grade
  • Examples of formative assessments include pretests, exit slips, graded homework, and in-class work
  • Formative assessments may be recorded in the grade book as a communication tool, but not counted as a grade
  • Summative assessments are used as formal grades
  • Examples of summative assessments include projects, labs, papers, essays, performaces, presentations, and tests


  • Homework will still be assigned
  • Homework will be considered a type of learning activity
  • Learning activities are not graded unless they are part of an extended summative assignment or a project
  • Learning activities must be meaningful
  • For many students, reading is the primary recommended learning activity outside of the school day

recording progress in the grade book

1. Incomplete summative assessments will appear in the grade book as "NC," for "Not Complete"

2. Any assessment marked as "NC" will be resolved between student and teacher

3. Failure to resolve an "NC" will result in a zero for the assessment grade

"Failure doesn’t mean the game is over, it means try again with experience." LEN SCHLESINGER


  • Students will get at least one opportunity to retake each summative assessment
  • Prior to any re-take, students must successfully complete targeted relearning activities prescribed by the teacher
  • The relearning process varies by course as well as student needs
  • Students may only have to retake the parts of the assessment in which they were not successful
  • The highest score achieved in this process will stand as the final score
  • Students are allowed 2 weeks to complete the retake in order to stay on track with current coursework

additional information

  • Cumulative finals will no longer be given at the end of each semester/course
  • All incomplete semester grades need to be resolved within 3 weeks of the conclusion of the semester
  • Extra credit is not allowed in District 115 schools
For more information visit www.y115.org/Page/1686


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