Elements of Composition Project By Ethan Parsons

I like nature and what it holds, so I have a bunch of trees and nature in this project.

Pattern is really a remarkable thing, that is relatively easy to find in the real world. This one I found, was on my property and it is my garage. Not only is it easy to capture images of, but it can really catch ones eye simply. Patterns can range from parallel lines to optical illusions. This image captured my eye and I knew I had to take it. To me, this pattern isn't just a bunch of white lines that magically run parallel to one another, but bond in many ways.

Cool story to how I found this and why this tree stump is even here. Not only does it have about 30 rings, but it also has that amazing texture that just made me have to take a picture of it. Remember the storm we had about a month ago, well, if it wasn't for that storm, this amazing piece of Ash tree wood (mind my nature-nerdiness) wouldn't be here today and I would have no clue to how old this tree is. There are many more logs like this one, but I chose it just because it is a gorgeous piece of lumber and I had to take a photo. This is also now my wall-paper.

This little, yellow, bundle of love here is a Daffodil, in its blooming session. Of course, I had many flowers like this one, so it took me a very long time to figure out which one I wanted. After I found it, I took the photo and realized that this was a perfect flower and I really did pick right. One thing I learned about the little guys, they smell and look absolutely astounding in bloom!

This right here is my priceless ukulele. I love music and I kept thinking to myself, "hey, add something other than plants, something real, something you could strum and pluck some cords." So I chose carefully. Since the ukulele has only 4 cords instead of its older brother the guitar, which has 6, I gave it a go and it looked pretty good. I had some more pictures but I chose this one because it looked like you got the most out of it.

This frame also on my garage, this is the last thing concerning my garage, was very easy to find because it has a perfect frame and 6 squares in the middle. It blended in splendidly along with the garage. This frame is on the back of my garage where no one could see it, which makes me sad. Most people would be like, "oh, its just a frame kiddo, get over it." But to me, its not a frame, its a piece of art that requires hard work for it to fit just right with the glass window.

All these last images, all I was doing was just facing down or straight ahead, so, I decided to change things up a bit. I LOOKED up. And believe it or not, was I saw just wasn't the clouds or the sun, I saw life, springing back from the cold, harsh winters. This lovely sugar maple(pardon the nature-nerdiness) had great resilience from the cold-hearted winter. This, proves that life can spring at any given moment and take to the skies, just like city skylines, brightening up its surroundings at night.

This, once again, shows a resilient rose bush taking advantage of the early spring warm weather. I like to see plants come back early, as a sign that after the dark, there will always be a light. And that after every dark storm, the sun will thrive. No, I didn't make these up, but I am sure that these are maybe 99.9% right.

This picture I took was in one of my greenhouses, yes "one" is what I said. On this particular day, temperatures were soaring into the 100's in this greenhouse, and you could imagine, that is pretty hot, especially for mid-60 degree weather. I was very impressed with the picture that I got, since I had to get in and out very quick, lets be honest, the plants didn't want me in there while they were trying to soak up the sun.

The American Flag, a true symbol of power, wisdom, and patterns. Yes, I chose to do patterns because they stick out more than all the others to me. This flag is just in my collection with all the other flags from the places I've been. Old Glory really is a wonder. I am a flag collector, obviously, and to me, the flag of the U.S.A. is more than just stars and stripes. I chose this flag because, well, why not, I have patriotism.

For my response to the Digital Pictrue Book project, I chose to remake the ancient fairy-tale, "Little Red Riding Hood". One of the most difficut things about making/creating my own images is that, I am not a very gifted artist, so it took me a bunch of erasing and re-doing to fine up these drawings. One of my favorite kid-shows was the first Hoodwinked, I say this because the second one was just awful. This show actually helped me in making this comic strip. Since many original characters where in the movie, suck as the Wolf, Grandma, and all the rest, this made my idea on this story much easier. Not only did it inspire me to do better, but it helped me along the way with what I wanted to draw and the different personalities I would give them.

One of the many isuus with creating images, is that everyone has to be on the same page or everything gets messed up. Also, if you mess one scene up, really, theat whole scene and the rest get messed up and you have to start over, so before I made my final draft, I made a storyboard that really helped. Changing the background, however, is alot easier than trying to draw out more and more of the same backgrounds obviously, so I change up the background every two images or so. There is many issues with ceating short stories such as the background change and possibly the personality of the characters and how all the characters solve all of their problems and how some develop relationships. However, despite all the difficutly, this was by far one of my favorite objects in the class so far becuase I got to explore many new elements and let my imagination unfold.


Created with images by skeeze - "crab hermit macro"

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