Rugby: The Few, The Proud, The Insane

Rugby is a growing sport all over the world. Although it is most popular in countries like New Zealand and South Africa, the United States is making its way towards building up young athletes to engage in the sport. Florida is a great place for rugby to flourish as a youth and high school sport. Orlando recently hosted the inaugural Tropical Rugby 7s Tournament over Easter weekend. Here is a look into some of the action.

The Tropical Rugby 7s Tournament hosted 25 teams from all over the world, including teams from England, Canada and Mexico. Both men's and women's teams competed in 14U, 16U, 18U and the collegiate level. Most teams there, are based in the state of Florida. As the fastest growing team sport in America, this event represents how popular the sport can be in Florida alone. Those that represent the organization, want to promote rugby in the panhandle sport because it is a great location with good weather and beautiful pitches to play on.
Rugby is a physical sport that is typically played with seven players on each team. (The traditional form requires 15 players from each team.) There are seven minute halves with a brief one-minute half time. The game is played with little stoppage, even after "trys" are scored. The field size and type of scoring is similar to American football. There is also tackling, but in rugby, a tackle does not stop the game play.
As a physical sport, rugby always requires paramedics on standby. Despite the physicality of the sport, pads are not required, but it is a safer sport compared to football based on the way players are taught to tackle. It is a sport that can be played at all ages. In order for the sport to grow, it requires that people are taught at an early age before they get too involved in the more popular American sports.
Rugby is a great team sport that teaches players to work with others and have responsibility. If this sport was more accessible in the state of Florida it has the chance to thrive as a family-oriented game for all ages. The tournament in Orlando is just an example of the wide reach rugby has all over the world. The city in particular is accustomed to hosting many visitors if the annual event were to grow further. Rugby has the potential be a much more popular sport in the United States and Florida is the perfect launching point for that growth.
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Photos taken April 15, 2017 by Kayla Hudson.

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