syria By: Dave Young III

What kind of major events have happened recently? Mental health in syria civil war

Why my question matters: Because it is good to be kept up on recent subjects in the world today. Also because mental health in Syria is a big deal.

•Hafel Al-Assad's ruled Syria from 1971 to his death on June 10 2000

Incubation Stage- •Hafel achieved stability in the Syrian government and country, but only by crushing members of the opposition and maintaining strict control over the rights of the people through the army and the emergency law. Began about a year ago in the southern city of Daraa after the arrests of at least 15 children for painting anti-government graffiti on the walls of a school. The people's refusal to be cowed by security forces emboldened and helped spread the Syrian opposition.

Syptomatic stage- •When Bashar Al-Asaad was first elected, he had initially inspired hope in his people that he would be a better leader than his father.Democracy activists gathered after he was elected to try to convince Bashar that democratic reforms were necessary, however, he continued to suppress this just as his father had

•Many people were shocked and angry at the government and the unrest spread across the nation like a wildfire

Crisis Stage- •On May 2011, armed tanks entered the city of Deraa and opened fire on a mosque where demonstrators had gathered, killing six. This incident drew international condemnation by the UN.

•After days of ferocious attacks on Hama on August 5, 2011 the epicentre of demonstrations, hundreds are left dead by security forces and snipers. President Obama called this report, "horrifying."

•On August 18, 2011 an emergency meeting is conducted by members of the UN demanding Asaad's resignation, however he completely ignores it.

Convalescence Stage- •On August 2012, the US had drawn a clear red line stating that if Syria used chemical weapons on its people, there would be severe consequence. The US and Russia have been working for many months to bring the Damascus government and Syria’s divided opposition together to discuss a political solution to the war, but the meeting has been postponed many times.


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