Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas hardy, Amber brannon

Elizabeth Jane
  • Micheal Henchard- He is a drunk at the beginning of the novel and sells his wife and daughter then stops drinking due to his mistake. His life soon starts to go downhill.
  • Farfrae- a Scotchman who arrived in Casterbridge at the time of Susan and Elizabeth Jane. Soon becomes Henchards rival.
  • Elizabeth Jane- not Henchards real daughter because she died at birth but acts like his daughter.
  • Lucetta- Henchard meets her and falls in love with her.
  • Susan- Henchards wife when the novel starts who he soon sells.


  • Takes place in the fictional town of Casterbridge.

Brief Summary

  • Henchard sells his wife and daughter at the beggining of the novel because he was drunk. He then becomes sober and becomes Mayor of Casterbridge. His wife and " daughter" come back so Henchard can take care of them. His life alone starts to go downhill, finding things out he didn't expect.

Turning Point

  • When Henchard becomes mayor because his life starts to take a turn for the worse and things start to get bad.


  • Henchard becomes a alcoholic again.
  • Susan dies.

Student Recommendation

  • I would recommend this book to everybody. It shows that's life decision can sometimes make life worse than it already is. It shows people to be wise with your decision making.

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