Scientific Research Burke Smith-class 1- May 12- Genus: Ailuropoda

Growth + Development

- Growth in size of numbers

- Development- Continuous change in size, shape, behavior, and function.

Current Events Summary:

In 2013 there were Giant Panda cub twins born at the Zoo Atlanta. The pandas were the first set of twins to survive being born in the US. On November 5 the cubs were moved over to China, a true home for Pandas. The Cubs had to be moved before 4 years old, so they were removed over the Fall of 2016. The Cubs are homesick over in China, but scientists believe that they will be able to make the adjustment. Source- Huffington Post,


Reproduce offspring through asexual or sexual reproduction, the union of a sperm and an egg

Baby Pandas are born pink, very small, and blind.


Giant Panda Cub Growth

Made of Cells

Living things are either uni-cellular or multi-cellular, Cells are the smallest unit of life

Help Wanted

Consume Energy

Current Events Summary

On February 28, 2017, a panda got a little tired of the daily meal of bamboo. This panda decided to branch out and eat something new, a got. A goat? Yes, a goat. The wild panda apparaently attacked a farmers goat and ate the entire thing to the bones. The panda was trending on the internet for eating a real live goat.


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