Martin Luther King Born on January 15, 1929 Birthplace : Atlanta Georgia Died: April 4, 1968 He is an African American known as an Activist that stood against black racism. He also was a leader in the African American Civil Rights movement in 1955-1968.

Achievements? Martin Luther King Jr. took the first step to initiate a plan for fighting against Civil Rights for African Americans. But when MLK Jr. fought against for Civil Rights he was nonviolent. Martin Luther King Jr. fought against African American rights and equality. To be treated equally against all races.
African American Civil Rights movement? A.A Civil rights movement was a social movement that outlawed the discrimination of African Americans. Also, allowing African American's to gain voting rights. The movement protested in a nonviolent way. For example, the MontGomery Bus Boycott in 1955-1956 known as the "Sit in's."
Bus BoyCott ? The Bus BoyCott was a political and social protest against racial segregation. It all started when Martin Luther King helped Rosa Parks campaign for the Boycott. He supported her through the bad times. on December 1, 1995 Rosa Park, an A.A refused to give her seat to a white person. This lead her to get arrested, but on 1956 Supreme Court ruled the segregation on buses.
"I Have A Dream..."This quote is from Martin Luther King Jr., which he had a dream to see the world a more equal place. He also imaged to help minorities to have a voice. The speech that he spoke to 250,000 civil rights supporters, changed the perspectives of many people. This ended the racism against african americans.
What he has changed. -Martin Luther King Jr. has changed the discrimination and segregation on all colored skin. -Everyone should be treated equally and respectfully. No matter what race. -He had a dream to changed the world in a peacefully area. He accomplished it. -He reunited whites and african americans together.
Martin king fighting civil right movement, today we have Bill Reily who against Immigration. Civil right movement in 1960s people they are fighting equal opportunities. Today Imagination they fighting to get equal opportunities. Civil right movement in 1960s they difference form immigration today because in 1960s it was races not religious. The civil right movement was in USA, people form in USA and immigration is people form money countrys.


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