In this eportfolio, the most interesting part for me is to design how to make my eportfolio clear. I really enjoy combining each of my process into one page which makes them look more harmonious and readable. As the examples, use the Thinklink to simplify my information or regularly order the images and words that make my page more clearly.
On the contrary, the hardest part is to find the sources and summarize it. At first, I have to find a suitable source which I need to filter the sources then pick the best one so I need to spend time on filtering the sources. After choosing the three sources, I have to generally read the sources and summarize. This process need to spend plenty of time which I consider it’s the hardest part. And the ability of using differ artifact can help me in other courses which I should design some artifacts.
My most proud page is my major which introducing my major using the twitter tab, images, video to show my major. Because of the pride and passion of communication studies so I’m proud of the content I collect in this page.

The artifact I most proud of is the video of processes because I use the PowerPoint and diagram to show my processes then I use webcam to shoot my presentation of my processes. I am proud of using this way to present my processes which I never try before.

And if I could change the eportfolio I have done, I would change my library workshop part which is too simple and short. I would make this part longer to add more analysis about the workshop then combine those searching skills in workshop with my sources. I would like give the recommendation to the future student in eportfolio is that you have to be creative in order to make a great portfolio.

The technologies we used in eportfolio are helpful to our language learning which teach us many new ways to learning language like using the diagram to clear our language or using the video and images to support our language. In the eportfolio process, it guides us to explore our Holland code and our major to let us get the better understanding of our major which help us in researching our topic and sources. Then those writing requirements in this eportfolio enhance our language learning skills.

This video is my presentation of the connection between my research and the eportfolio process.

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