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February 3, 2017

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.

– Henry B. Adams

You will be receiving Lakeshore reading & writing folder games for all grades.

We hope these games will be useful to our students. Please empower volunteers and students to use them and keep them in good condition. We look forward to seeing the photos of them being used!

Submit 2 photos of your students using these games. Due: February 17th.

We are fortunate to have been granted money to purchase additional educational materials from Lakeshore Learning. Please take the time to look through their website for educational materials you believe can be useful to our LaAmistad students and email mocampo@laamistadinc.org with the selections.

Go to www.lakeshorelearning.com and select up to $500 worth of materials. Email selections to Michelle. Due February 17th.

The date of the fourth parents' workshop is Thursday, February 16th. These workshops generally provide useful information for immigrants on subjects they may not be familiar with, such as taxes or other financial matters. Please encourage any of the parents with whom you speak to attend.

  • Read pages 29-33 in The Energy Bus and discuss Rule #3 with students.
  • Ask questions: 1. How they would respond if they see their classmate being bullied? 2. How can you help stop bullying in your school?

Due: February 9

We believe that each topic covered in the Energy Bus for Kids can truly help our students overcome challenges whenever they apply what they’ve learned to their lives. Make sure that your students understand how each “Rule” in the Energy Bus for Kids can help them.


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