My Story By:Jessie Bogert

My Name

Most people have names with cool meanings or special reasons their parents named them that. In all honesty, I don’t. They didn’t argue and debate for months about what to call me. They saw “Jessica” and knew it was the one. My parents gave this name to me before I was even a thing, before I was in their arms, and before they knew who I was. But how? They didn’t even know my personality or who I was going to be. They didn’t know what I would believe in or what skills I would attain. And they chose Jessica. They put the name Jessie on my wall though, spelled it in ceramic letters with the different characters of Pooh Bear on them. That’s why everyone calls me Jessie now because every night I would look at those letters. I wouldn’t look at Jessica. Maybe that’s why I like when people call me Jessie more than Jessica.

People can call me Jess too. I don’t know who called me that the most or who even started calling me that. Maybe if they were in the store looking for the letters for my wall and they had liked the Scooby Doo letters better but they only had J.E.S.S then maybe now when people asked me my name I would say “I’m Jess.” But, I don’t do that. My parents picked my name based on nothing. I don’t have any relatives named Jessica, or Jessie. They just picked it. This brings me to wonder if they would've picked a name for me now, 15 years later, would they still pick the same one? Would I still be Jessica? Or would I be named Ella, meaning beautiful fairy. I think my parents could call me a lot of things, but a fairy definitely wouldn’t be one of them. What if they gave me a name meaning intelligent but I wasn’t bright. What if they named me Isabelle meaning devoted to God when I don’t even go to church.

To me, I have three names all representing different things. Jess is the person who friends and family know best. They look at her and can’t help but smile. She is someone who will always be honest and sincere and never fails to make you laugh. Jessie is the person people on the outside see. She comes off shy, but that’s because you haven’t gotten to know her yet. Jessica is a mature and successful girl but can be sloppy. She is the one who you yell at when you find that the dishes weren't put in the dishwasher or the towels weren't folded, “Jessica! Get down here right now!”

So, If I asked myself now which one I represent, I would say a little of each. Although Jessica is my true full name, I believe Jessie and Jess are just as important. You can’t have one without the other because they go hand in hand.

What’s my name? I don't have just one because one wouldn’t be enough to describe all of me: my happy self, my sad self, my loving self, my caring self, my independent self, my funny self, my determined self. Because all of them are mine and a piece of me.

My Eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul.

My eyes are big bay windows right in the front of a house. They are the first thing you notice when you pull in the driveway and they never fail to make an impression. Not typical windows that everyone has on the side of the house but grand ones that are newer and more modern. They welcome light and air during the day but they can be shadowed at night by curtains, like my black rimmed glasses. The inside of them are lined with white christmas lights that shine through to the outside like the gold ring surrounding my pupil. The blue color that paints them is not a typical brown stained wood on most houses.

I am one of the 8% of the people in the world with blue eyes.

They aren’t sky blue or baby blue but more of a greyish blue. Grey could be described as a color of sadness but not in my case. If anything, the greyish blue in my eyes represents happiness and hope. The blue outshines the grey with its vivid and clear mood. They are bright and, when the sun shines on them, they get even brighter. Even with my black pupil in the middle, they still look happy because of the gold ring around it.

When William Shakespeare said that eyes are the window to the soul, I think he meant that they easily show how a person is feeling or what they are thinking. In American culture, we are taught to look people in the eye and give them a firm handshake. When you look away it is a sign that you aren’t interested or don’t like that person. I consider myself a bright-eyed person like warm blue skyed day with minimum clouds in the sky.

Unlike most people, it's not the color of my eyes that change but the size of the golden ring around the center. In bright lights, the ring could easily be mistaken for a newly bought gold plated engagement ring. In the dark though, it's hidden and would easily be looked over.

So, when you're pulling out of the driveway to go back on your way, you’ll always remember the big bay windows that first left an impression on you.

Rain and Soccer

It was wet and raining outside and I had a soccer game. It was supposed to be rescheduled but last minute they decided to have the game after all. I put on my uniform and slipped on a raincoat over the top because Mommy told me to. I had been wanting to get new cleats for a while now because the spikes were not as sharp as they used to be, probably from all the driveway soccer with my Daddy. We hadn’t had time to get new ones yet though so I just tied my old ones the way he had just taught me, using only one loop instead of two. It took me a little longer but Daddy told me it would take a while before I got really good at it like him.

Walking to the car, I noticed the rain had definitely slowed down from the thunder and lightning storms last night because it was barely sprinkling now.

When we go to the field we pulled into the parking lot and looking out my window I saw a huge puddle splash the side of our car. I got out and saw all my friends. My parents wished me luck and went over with all the other Mommies and Daddies.

“Hey guys! So happy to see everyone on this rainy day!” My coach said. “Make sure everyone is careful today because the field is going to be very slippery.” He led us through our warm up and I knew what he meant right away. The grass was soggy and in a lot of places there were huge puddles. If I ran in one I wobbled a little bit but was able to catch my balance. I wasn’t gonna let the rain ruin my game, so I just kept playing.

Finally it was game time and I was so excited. I got to start with one of my best friends Lilly and I heard Mommy and Daddy cheering from the sidelines.

“Go Jessie!”

Right away my team got the ball and passed it to me, I was running so fast to the goal that everyone else was behind me. I pulled my leg back to kick it into the goal but I fell and landed in a big puddle. My clothes were sopping wet and immediately I felt that my butt was gonna be sour for a little while. I got up and turned around to look at all of my teammates but they were all laughing! I looked over at Mommy and Daddy and they were laughing too. I felt my face get so hot like I had just tried a spicy pepper. I just looked down at my worn down soccer cleats, hoping nobody would know how embarrassed I was. My stomach began to turn like a blender was mixing it and I felt a huge lump form in my throat. Tears began to form in my eyes but nobody notices because my face was already wet from the rain.

My coach came over and put another player in so I could get some ice. He could tell how embarrassed I was and tried to tell me that it was okay and that everyone would forget by tomorrow, but nothing he said made me feel any better.


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