Southern Colonies Harrison M.

Southern Colonies: where you can use best soil.

Reason for founding

Cecilius Calvert an English nobleman started the colony Maryland in 1634.He wanted to make money from the colony. He also wanted to provide a safe place for the Catholics.The colony Georgia started in 1732 because the British wanted two keep the Spanish troops from moving north from Florida.


The the climate of the southern colony's are its very warm, it has a lot of swampy areas, it has deadly misquotes, and it has very good soil. The Natural Resources are cotton, rice, and tobacco.


A lot of people in the southern colonies by selling tobacco and growing Indigo. they also made a lot of money by getting people out of jail for free and by making plantations.


Laws approved in the southern colonies made it illegal for slaves to marry, own property,or earn freedom.These laws approved that they were banned from learning education or even to learn to read. But owners permitted for their slaves to earn freedom,or gave them money for good work.

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