Tour of the Harn By sarah mar

A picture of me standing in front of an amazing art piece.

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

The painting displayed above, is the first painting visitors right before they enter the main exhibits. The texture of this painting helped me understand the meaning behind art in the sense that it is not just a picture painted on a piece of paper or canvas but a picture that has meaning with every movement of the brush and choice of color. Because I saw it in person, I was able to see the detail in distinct brush strokes and the purposefully blurred colors of different shades of yellow. Additionally the artist splatted on paint which resulted in clumps of paint coming towards the visitor creating a 3-D characteristic. What I found striking about this piece was the frustration I felt by looking at it because of the messy strokes on the body of the piece. This piece communicated frustration and blindness to me with the harsh brush strokes and the bright colors against the white background. The artwork even made me feel a little blind and disturbed because of the bright color and uneven strokes.

My silhouette in front the glass window wall that leads to a garden.

Design of the Museum

Throughout the museum there were no windows and a lot of authentic light coming from different angles. Towards the back of the exhibit hall was a wing that had a wall with multiple windows allowing natural light to penetrate through and illuminate this wing of sculptures. I liked this wing because it consisted of a different feeling of art not being confined in windowless rooms but art coming together with nature. Also the sculptures were also massive in this wing. The room was very spacious, allowing visitors to roam freely without having to worry about bumping into other exhibits. To further expand on the space, there were only three art pieces in this room, which is a significant decrease in amount of pieces per room that were exhibited. Other rooms had piece after piece with only a foot in between. The design of this room made me feel at peace and not stressed or confined.

A picture of me in front of two art pieces by Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

Art and Core Values

Art always conveys a message to its audience on different morals and messages. The two pieces displayed above show temples in ruin with nature growing and living within its cracks. To me it meant that although times may be rough and I may feel brought down, my spirit and all things natural will grow within me to heal me. It also means to me that to become strong you must be in ruins. Being in ruins helps you to understand who you are and with that, you become a stronger person.This piece helped me understand this core value because I know now that every person and thing can be in ruins but with the help of nature and optimism, there is only one way to go, which is up. This piece of art instilled in me peace and hope for future times of trouble and despair.

A picture of me standing in between two pieces by Herzog.

Art and the Good Life

The two art pieces I am standing in between convey a good life theme of serenity, peace and the embodiment of nature. It depicts these themes by having no other humans in the picture that can bring negativity or possibly acts of hate to me. This painting communicates these themes by having a setting with blue skies, small animals and palm trees swaying. All three of these images provide a soothing feeling of being calm and alone with nature with no distractions. It adds to my appreciation of this theme by providing a scenic view that reminds me to relax, appreciate what I already have (nature) and take one step at a time during times of trouble.

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