Max Churchwell 3305 Final Portfolio

The purpose of the Logo Project was to gain a better understanding of the tools available in Adobe Illustrator and how to use them effectively.

The purpose of the Resume Redesign was to gain familiarity with Adobe InDesign and to learn a few tips for making an effective resume.

The purpose of the Infographic Project was to learn how to create visual representations of data that were easy to understand and could effectively make a rhetorical point.

My reflection will focus on contrast (big, deliberate visual changes), alignment (using spacial arrangement to show relation) and proximity (using physical closeness to show relation and to guide a viewer's eyes)

My logo most prominently shows a contrast of value between the positive and negative space. Even though I created the logo using several different groupings of shapes, I only made those shapes black or white, and this stark contrast of value is what creates the shape of my logo.

My resumes mostly illustrate the value of alignment. Most resumes are made up of only text, and even though we label the different sections, the information in each of the sections is organized to show both the chronological relationship and the relationship of category.

My infographic, though it does heavily feature contrast, serves as an example of proximity. Graphs and charts showing similar data are close together but also arranged in such a way that if a viewer reads the graphs for left to right and top to bottom, they're walked through the data in a way that makes sense. Really viewers could read the graphics in any order they want and it still make sense, but I know that most people read left to right and top to bottom, so that would be the ideal viewing order.

When I started this class I knew very little about any form of digital design, and I feel that my understanding of the design programs we've used and my ability to use them is what has benefited most from this class. In the logo project I struggled to use illustrator but now it is by no means such a daunting task; when we made resumes I didn't understand how to make a basic document in Adobe InDesign, but that's the program I made my infographic in and the only struggle I really had in that project was choosing data to use for my graphics and then making them look the way I wanted them to. I may not be a master, or even the biggest fan, of Adobe programs, but I can say that I have a strong enough understanding of them to use them as much as I really expect to need to. I also know a bit about the concepts and elements of design, I can't see any kind of print ad without considering the space, faunts, and colors used, which certainly was not true before.

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