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Callow East

A New Neighborhood on the Drawing Board

The East Callowhill section of Philadelphia is on track for a rebirth. Located north of the Center City Business District, and nestled between a major roadway and two cross city arterial routes, it is one of the last remaining swaths of raw developable land in the City.

Michael Barmash, Senior Vice President, Commercial Division

Michael’s experience is in the sale of office, industrial, and retail buildings, hotel sites, ground for residential development, piers for waterfront development, and land sales for urban residential development.

Appetizer or Entrée?

Food Continues to Fuel Retail

Once banished to the central food court, dining has become much more than a retail afterthought. Nearly a quarter of all trips to shopping centers today are primarily focused on eating.

Anjee Solanki, National Director, Retail Services, USA

Anjee is based in San Francisco and provides strategic leadership to over 485 specialized retail professionals across 89 markets. Connect with her on twitter @AnjeeSolankiCRE

Economy Matters

Creeping Suburbanization in Capital Flows?

Colliers new capital markets report highlights several important trends in the transactions of U.S. commercial property. One trend especially worth highlighting is the swing in activity from the most expensive markets to more affordable options in secondary markets.

Andrew Nelson, Chief Economist, USA

Andrew provides thought leadership about commercial real estate, capital markets, financial investment and related sectors. He's held a variety of leadership roles in both the public and private sectors.

Going Open

The Right Office Space can be Transformative for a Business and Its Brand

“Open office” - these are not just buzz words. Virtually every client we work with is interested in how an open office environment can benefit their workplace and their business. Whether expanding, relocating, contracting, or just optimizing, open office design is often the first topic that comes up.

David Dickson, Senior Vice President, Office Division

David’s professional focus is exclusively on tenant advisory. His occupier clients benefit from his deep market knowledge, vast experience, and strategic vision. Whether clients are expanding, relocating, or optimizing, David develops creative and successful real estate strategies that support their core business mission.

Mature and Vital

How Philadelphia Stays Competitive as a Top Tier Life Sciences Market

Greater Philadelphia Life Sciences market has long been considered one of the top tier life science markets in the country. With a deep bench of innovative life science researchers and executive talent here, new companies are slowly but steadily entering the regional market and creating a demand for good quality research space.

Michael Brown, Senior Vice President, Life Sciences Division

Michael has nearly 40 years of experience with sophisticated research and critical process facilities. His background includes familiarity with both large and small molecule research and manufacturing plants as well as medical device manufacturing.

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