After The Voyage KALEIGH keen

April 16,1912 - The Carpathia

Last night, the Titanic struck ice. Not just a piece of ice that was afloat, a piece of ice that was so massive, it didn't scratch above the water line, it scratched under the water. My Mum, Husband, Da and baby, Daniel were on the Titanic. It pains me to think of the pain and suffering that my Father and Husband must have felt. Most women thought that their beloved fathers, brothers, and husbands had simply drowned, but I knew the truth. The water was well below the freezing point of fresh water, meaning they would have died from hypothermia. Their bodies would be in pain for a little under and minute, then they would be in shock, and eventually they would finally be gone.

Gone. Now as I say that it makes me wonder if I was being selfish- selfish leaving that horrid "unsinkable" ship. Selfish for leaving hundreds of people on that boat who were now being sent to die, but most of all leaving my husband, James Phillip Lincoln the Third and father, The Duke of Earl, Landon Brooks Masse to die. Should I have stayed on the ship like other wives and daughters? I can still remember the last conversation I had with Jamie.

"I wan't you to go on a life boat, I'll be fine," he said.

" I will go only because you asked it of me," I said.

" I wan't you to tell Daniel everyday that I love him"

" James, please don't talk like that."

And then I got on the life boat, hoping that it would not be the last conversation I had with him. The Titanic was in the Carpathia's view, and I heard a crack and focused all of my attention on the Titanic. I watched as all of the men scrambled towards the top of the ship and eventually took their last breath. All I could do was stand in tears, other women, like my mother were screaming hysterically. We could occasionally hear the screams and voices of the men, and right before the ship went down I could hear my Jamie say, "Alice,I love you! I love you and Daniel with all of my heart," and then he was gone.

Well, I ended up getting in an argy-bargy with a stewardess. She asked me what class I was on the Titanic I told her I was first class, not that it was any of her businesses and she proceeded with telling me that she only wanted to know so she could treat me in the appropriate respect. I told her she should treat every one on the ship with respect, they were paying her salary. I swear if I hadn't just seen my husband and father die, and wasn't a lady i would have given her a bunch of fives, or tens for that matter. The stewardess walked away, clearly gobsmacked.

Soon, a steward showed my family to a room, there were only 15 first class rooms available, and at least a thousand people wanted a room so the rule was, if you had a child and at least 2 other people you could have a first class room, I was able to find a family friend, who I didn't even know was going to be on the Titanic to come to a room with us, we got the last first class room, everyone else would be making a trip to second class. When we arrived at the room I told the steward ta and we all went to sleep.

The next morning, I was definitely on the chunder bus, we all were.My mother was sadest i had ever seen her, she was so grobby, and so was I. I just wanted to be at home, in England. The steward attending to us clearly knew we didn't feel good, so he brought us tea and biscuts. They were so lush, i could have eaten all of it.

When we finally made it to England, I had a chin wag with my mother and convinced her to come stay with me. We were not au fait with having no men around. Mother and I were very busy preparing memorial services. Unfortunately, our loved one's bodies couldn't be found because the ship it's self hadn't been found yet. Mother was very right and so was I, we decided to hire a maid, butler, and chef. My mum had always had but,James and I always seemed to have picked hard cheese when it came to servants. The day of the ceremony was horrible. I honked all over my house in terror of how real it had just father and husband are dead. I guess i finally just accepted it. Mother on the other hand threw a paddy. She pasted the bed, and finally calmed down.


"Hello, i'm Daniel Wellington the owner of Oceanic Blues Line and i will be taking questions form you, my new employees. There is no need to get your nickers in a twist if i dont get to you. There will be a box for questions and concerns out side of my office." Daniel picked a young man who was rather skint looking.

" Mr. Wellington, you have all the money you could want, so why did you start this Line?"

" I started this line because no one should have to live life with out a father simply because of man's arrogance."


mum- mom

da- dad

argy- bargy- argument

bunch of fives- punch in the nose

gobsmacked- shocked


chunder bus- sick; throw up

grobby-under the weather

biscuits- cookies

lush- tasty

biscuits and tea- snack

chin wag- chat

au fait- familiar

right- tired

hard cheese- bad luck

paddy- tantrum

pasted- hit

nickers in a twist- upset

skint- poor/broke


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