ROOTS to WINGS Liedeke Bulder

Liedeke Bulder


mixed media works

January 3 - 31 · 2020

Liedeke works in mixed media on paper, canvas and wood, applying in delicate washes her signature addition of bistre, the European Old Master pigment made from soot, thereby creating haunting memento mori, symbols of dying and rising.

Opening Reception

Friday, January 3 · 2020

5.00 - 9.00 pm

Hashi’s Fine Art Gallery

3890 Hanapepe Rd · Hanapepe

This small body of mixed media works on paper and canvas has been percolating within me for a long time. It is soulful and intensely personal, inspired by a number of things:

Walks in my up-country Kalaheo neighborhood where trees are clinging desperately, roots to eroding ground:

Rumi's poetry; moths; labyrinths and meditation... visible metaphors for our human journeys, earthbound yet longing for higher manifestation and light.

These pieces were born in dream-time, where boundaries between what has passed and what is to be are blurred in mystery.

May be you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots

– Rumi –

Created By
rob bulder