Isolation Unit 1 Outcome 2

Statement of Intention

Lately, mankind has faced a riddle: what to do with minds that function on levels beyond the 'norm'. Mental Illness is becoming more 'open' to dialogue but are our actions, policies and procedures really making a difference? My brother has been suffering from Bipolar for five years now and his journey has landed him in a very tough place. I wanted to visualise the feeling of being isolated by family when under the throws of a mind out of control.

Inspiration: Mood Board

These pictures all reflect different aspects of mental illness such as depression and personality disorders.


My thumbnails before picking up the camera

Contact Sheet

The back to the camera shots didn't turn out anywhere near what I hoped: it lacked more context. We needed a whole family situation to be seen, but I didn't have the people on hand to achieve this. I liked the hoodie pics, and may edit them also, but in the end I chose the open-mouthed scream pic.

Photo Development

I actually really liked the second image, bringing up the clarity to create a rough texture on the subject's skin, as well as some contrast on the teeth and gums. I initially darkened the background using the burn tool but decided against it, preferring the spiral-like texture of the wall. The green tint represents sickness and the desaturated background is meant to boost that effect.

The first piece development
The second piece Development

Final PieceS

For a quick project, I actually don't mind the final result. The overall tone is horrific, the cropping of the subject sapping her of an identity and focusing on the extremity of her features. The textured wall looks like it is spewing from her mouth. Overall, it is meant to capture the inner-frustration and angst of mental illness.

Final Piece #1
Final Piece #2

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