Carving By: Marlee KamAe

These are the dimensions, along with colors. You can choose a color such as Brown carve white, black carve yellow, or blue carve white.

Initially I was going to design a music carve for my Piano teacher, but I had some complications.

I drew a version of this, but realized that the design was too complex.

These are some of the other ideas I had while I was making my Carve.

You can't quite see the whole photo, but this is a picture of the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter. My mom actually suggested the idea after I had come up with many designs that didn't quite work with the machine.

This is my design in Easel Inventables, where we fit the design to the dimensions of the carve tile. Here, you can add text so you can write a quote, or words of advice, practically anything, as long as it fits in the dotted box. My design was very simple, so it only took 11 minutes to carve. To see how long your carve will take, press the simulate button in the top right corner.

This is my finished carve. The bit sizes you can use are 1/8, 1/8 (there are two different styles), 1/16 (this is the "normal" bit. The majority uses this. It's good for some detail, but not a lot of tiny ones. I used this bit.) and 1/32 (this is the detail bit. It's best for tiny details.) When using the 1/16 bit, it drills deep enough that you can see the second color. I think my carve turned out exactly how I wanted it because it has great contrast between positive and negative colors (black and white), it's simple and means alot to me (I love the Harry Potter series).

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