Canbury School Newsletter 3rd May 2019. issue 158.

Dear Parents and Visitors

We've had a most wonderful morning today as we welcomed our in-coming September Year 7s at the Year 6 Getting Ready for Canbury morning. Wandering around the school I was touched to see how our existing Canbury students made them welcome and at ease. It's never easy being the new kid on the block - which is why these welcome mornings are such an integral part of our transition programme. Come September, the in-coming youngest members of our Canbury family are going to fit right in. Happy days!

An extra busy morning here at Canbury.

Very well done to our Duke of Edinburgh expeditioners who returned to school weary and footsore this week but in the main smiling. It's no mean feat to achieve what they did, and they should hold their heads up high. My very special thanks to Mr McGregor who was away for the whole time and was ably assisted by Thirza from Ben Bullen and Elena, who accompanied Caitlin. In addition they were joined by day campers Mrs Bowen for one day and Mrs Veacock for the other. Not being a fan of camping myself, I take my hat off to them all. Below we have a selection of photographs which give a real flavour of what they got up to. How lucky were they with the weather?

Talking of the weather, I'm hoping it will remain fine for the next three days. Don't forget, Monday is a Bank Holiday. Should you arrive at school, you will be very lonely, so enjoy your extra day off (unless of course you're cracking the GCSE whip) and we'll see everyone bright and breezy on Tuesday morning.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Kyrell for excellent contributions in Music on the subject of jazz music and history.

Year 9

Evie, Max and Sebastian for excellent work in Drama exploring the difference between stage and screen acting.

Year 10

Year 10 historians for all getting a grade 4 or above in their test on the Vietnam War. Special mentions for Pascal (Grade 8) and Joe and Amy (Grade 7). A brilliant effort all round!

Cate for working particularly efficiently and positively in Performing Arts this week. Well done.

Mathematics Clinics next week.....

.....will not be running. However anyone is happy to help with your Mathematic conundrums, just ask away. Normal service will be resumed the following week.

Duke of Edinburgh campers return victorious (if a little dishevelled).

Well they're back safe and sound! After two nights under the stars for Silver, and one for Bronze, our intrepid DoE explorers returned to Canbury tired, smelly, sleep-deprived but hugely proud of themselves. And rightly so.

From traipsing through fields, putting up and taking down tents, cooking over gas stoves, 'sleeping' on uncomfortable roll mats, appreciating the views and conquering more than 35 km of undulating terrain (all with heavy rucksacks on their backs) the Canbury campers were victorious.

Embracing their differences and harnessing their talents, our fabulous students got on with the task in hand. Whilst they have the completed the expedition element of the challenge, there is still work to do. Mr McGregor will keep you informed of deadlines, but for now it's really up to the students to get the job done.

You can't see it here, but in the far background is Leith Hill Tower, from where this intrepid bunch of campers had traipsed.

Calling all Canbury bakers.

We do love any excuse to bake and eat cake, so please make a note of Friday 17th May, when we are hoping our students will bring in delicious home-made or shop bought sweet treats. Charities co-ordinator Mrs Bowen is organising this latest cake sale for Born Too Soon.

Born Too Soon is the charity which supports the Neonatal Unit at Kingston Hospital and has been doing so, since 1985. Born Too Soon provides state of the art equipment and all the special touches for families which make life easier, whilst their baby is being cared for on the NHS Neonatal Unit.

We're all looking forward to making a donation in return for a slice (or two) of cake. Please remember we are a nut free school. Thank you.

More details to follow - but please save the date. All welcome including well-behaved adults on a lead with their dog.

Take the NCS Challenge - brighten up your summer!

Summer is just around the corner and for our Year 11 students, it's going to be an even longer one. Why not sit down with them and take a look at the National Citizenship Challenge? Pop over to https://www.ncsyes.co.uk/ to get all your questions answered. But in short it's a three week programme, designed to give young people aged between 15 and 17 a summer challenge they'll never forget. Boost your UCAS statment? Tick. Make new friends? Tick. Have fun? Tick. Learn some new skills? Tick. In fact, try as we might, we can't find a reason NOT to do it - and all for £50!





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