Backhand Sally is a musical group that puts a funky, authentic spin on pop, rock, dance, soul, funk and any other musical genre they are in the mood to cover. They do the same with their original music as well; creating a sound that is all their own, with signature melodies and lyrics that tell a listeners story. The core of the group is a duo comprised of Louisiana native Ginger Grace and Texas native Brock Hard. Each one brings their own unique style and musical influence to the group, creating a sound that is eclectic, edgy and inspired. Their upcoming album that features the singles "Text You When I Drink" and Tragic Love, is a tapestry of stories told through lyrics and melodies that tell the human narrative, and is due out this fall. Backhand Sally plays all over the Dallas area, state of Texas and neighboring states.

They boast a song list of over 350 songs from all genres of music, including but not limited to: their originals, country, pop, top 40 dance, R&B, Motown, blues, reggae and classic rock. Whether performing for an intimate audience or a packed stadium, Backhand Sally's show is an audience participation, fun-filled, dance all night long, epic time. Acoustic or full band they always leave the audience wanting more.

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