Robin Floyd By: Ali Minoletti

Mrs. Floyd teaches fifth grade English. This is her twenty-eighth year to teach and her twenty-first year in Mount Vernon. They moved here in 1998.
Mrs. Floyd has been married to Coach Floyd for twenty-five years.
They have three children. Emily is twenty-three, she lives in Dallas and is a coach. Bailey is twenty and in school at Stephen F. Austin University. Jack is a junior here at Mount Vernon High School.
Mrs. Floyd has three dogs - Ranger, Rousey, and Duke
Mrs. Floyd chose education as a career because she has always loved children. She loves to help students learn and be successful. Also, her mother was an awesome teacher and a great role model and inspiration to her.
Mrs. Floyd's favorite book is The Notebook. It is a sweet story about a lifelong love.
Robin Floyd's favorite part of the school year is basketball season. Basketball is what brought her family to Mount Vernon twenty years ago. Having her husband, Brad Floyd, coaching the Lady Tigers basketball team, and her son, Jack, playing on the Tiger basketball team, adds to this excitement.
This past season was especially fun because the Lady Tigers brought home a state championship and the Tigers came in second in the state. "What an awesome time to be a Mount Vernon Tiger!!"


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