Deep Cultural Exploration by eleanor kenyon

Hello! My name is Eleanor Grace Kenyon. I am 21 years old and is from Overland Park, Kansas.

I am a family gal and my dicho is something my mother would always tell me, do small things with great love. It is something that has stuck with me for a very long time.

How does your family identify ethnically or racially?

We identify as white. We came over from Ireland, England, and Scotland.

Where do you live?

Overland Park is definitely suburbia.

What is the story of your family?

I'm not actually completely sure. I know we have been here for at least four generations. But I'm not sure how we came to America

Were you the first in your family to a attend College?

No, I am not. My whole family attended college.

What are some of your favorite traditions?

Every Christmas my family would dress up and reenact the manger scene and directly quote the Bible. Another one was on Easter my family would rent out a little cottage by a river. My grandma would bring games and prizes. The Easter egg hunt was the best because there was so much land.

What did respect look like?

Making eye contact, firm handshake, no interruption, follow direction, etc

How were you trained to respond to different emotional displays?

My parents never "trained" us to act a certain way. We were allowed to explore our emotions as long as it didn't cause a scene/was destructive.

What attributes were praised? What ones were to avoid

I was taught to love everyone no matter the differences and to never leave anyone out.

Did you call adults by their first name?

No, unless I was instructed to.

What earned you praise?

Good grades and following directions

Were you allowed to talk back to adults? Were you allowed to call adults by their first name?


How did you come to believe these things?

I learned from watching my parents and relatives

What messages did you get about why other racial or ethnic groups succeed or not?

Mostly just from observation. Watching how the world and authority or tv would treat them.

What did culture teach you about intelligence?

There is still a lot that I do not know about the world

Did you grow up believing it was set up by birth?

Not actually sure. I want to say yes but there aretimes growing up I would question it

Did you believe some groups were smarter than others?

Yes I did. But that was just from observations within my various classrooms.

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