International Finance and Trade Organizations By: Katie Giffin and melissa michael

International Monetary Fund

This project which began on, March 12th 2010, is to help Africa crack down on illicit diamond trading. They have found trading in precious minerals linked to illicit financial flows and smuggling, and this is the first technical assistance project that they used to tack the issue. In the future it will better regulation of 16 sub- Saharan African countries.

They are doing a two stage project; the first stage began on March 8th-12th, and the second began June 14th-18th. The first project is working for 8 French speaking countries and the second is for 8 English speaking countries. For the first stage, two awareness raising regional workshops are being organized in Tunis, Tunisia, featuring representatives from the four relevant government departments of each country. For the second stage, the project will help interested countries further develop their natural strategies for improving AML/CFT controls related to precious minerals.

In the future they expect countries to have prepared their own national strategies, and the number of countries to engage in long term technical assistance with the IMF or any other relevant organizations.

The World Trade Organization

This project is called Aid for Trade, and Aid for Trade helps developing countries and particularly leased developed countries. The WTO led Aid for Trade intuitive encourages developing country governments and donors to recognize the role that trade can play in development. They seek to mobilize resources to address the trade related constrains identified by developing and least developed countries.

At the tenth Ministerial conference in Nairobi, Kenya on the 15th-18th of December 2015, ministers agreed to the following text on Aid for Trade as part of the ministerial declaration.

The Aid for Trade has been very effective in south African countries. For example, in Malawi, they increased the business climate in the country.

The World Bank

The World Bank has a project called Promoting young women's livelihoods and nutrition, the purpose is to bring awareness about starving females in Ethiopia. It started as of April 18th 2017 and it is still in effect. This is all that has been said about this project so far since it has just started.

Team Leader Ziauddin Hyder

Borrower*** ETHIOPIA

Implementing Agency CONCERN WORLDWIDE

Total Project Cost** US$ 2.75 million

Commitment Amount US$ 0.00 million


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