Trout Population Change By: Isabela&Abe

The Trouts population has constantly has changed over the years. Over the years bioligists have been consurned about the Trout becuase its population has gone up and down. They are found in the northern part of the world and they like cool waters. There prededers are humans, bears, orkas, sealions, river otters, and raccoons.

This is a man catching a trout

Many people fish for trout that may have helped the huge degrease in trout. Although it also helps the trout population so there wont be an over population in trout. Trout can be used as a food for people and for people who use them as a sport some will fish to see who can get the biggest fish.

The trout population is very interesting because they some how went from almost extinct to back up in a year. Many people have suspitions reproduction problems problems with food and others.


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