Safe Spot

The app itself has gone through changes on its layout and design based on feedback from the public

The home screen

Version 1-Version 2-Version 3

The lock screen

Version 1-Version 2

Something special about the lock screen is if you hold the vault lock at the top of the screen for 3 seconds the S.O.S will be called out automatically without you having to go through the process of going through the app.

The location setting screen

Version 1-Version 2

The app itself is disguised as a calculator on your phone so anyone who might go through your phone to see what you're doing will be none the wiser, on top of this you need to tap the app 3 times to open it, this should avoid anyone accidentally opening the app when not wanted.

As stealth is what we aim for the app will constantly run in the background and hold a voice recording of the past hour on your app so you can provide evidence of abuse. this recording will be sent to the police as soon as you hit the S.O.S button.

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