The beginning of The Number Of Stars


Lois Lowry won the newbery prize award from the number of stars book.


In history it said a man saved people in world war 2 and after he died everybody said he was special.


The map was showing where the jews helped the denmarks also the jews went back and they could not find the denmarks then there was 2 people fighting over a flag and who ever gets it there team is better.

There was mixed emotions


There was mixed emotionsh by the holocaust saying that they judge color at the top saying the mixed emotions. And it said canada is lucky because they don't judge color there and canada has freedom.


Lois Lowry was a middle child also she has 3 children and in 1994 Lois Lowry won newbery prize for 2 book ( Number of Stars) and (Stars of David)

The End

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