Teaming-Up For Character™ 2019 NAIA Men's Wrestling National Championship

Many of the participants in the 2019 NAIA Men's Wrestling National Championship headed-out to a pair of schools in the Des Moines area on Thursday to talk to elementary students about the importance of character-driven competition in athletics in the Teaming-Up for Character™ event. Throughout the day, it was an opportunity to show that college athletes can be positive role models to the young people of the community.

Wrestlers from each school was sent to two different school – Cattell Elementary and Oak Park Elementary

The wrestlers taught the students about the five core values of Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Sportsmanship, Servant Leadership

Students got autographs from the wrestlers, played games all while talking about character in competition.

Events ranged from reading, to makings Dr. Seuss hats out of fruit, to making dog toys for the local shelter to playing basketball and much more.

How to watch

The TrackWrestling provides all of the action leading-up to the championship bouts. Catch all of the action at www.trackwrestling.com! To watch the finals of the 2019 NAIA Men's Wrestling National Championship, tune-in to ESPN3. Ben Hupke and Todd Schumacher will be on the call to crown a new champion!

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