Tattoos on the Heart ❤️

In the introduction/ Preface the main theme of these chapters is to engage and inform about how Farher G has gotten the opportunity to impact the gang members life's. Also it explains how Homeboy industries really is so helpful to the gang members. I really enjoyed reading these chapters because it gave me background information for the rest of the book. I felt like I had an insight and idea of who Gregory Boyle was and what he did for the gangs exactly. I can take this into my life by being as caring and helpful as G was to all the people he got to work with.
In chapter 1 " God, I Guess" I read about how father G helped gang members find their ways and lead them towards God. The overall theme in this chapter is hope. The theme is hope, because he showed hope in every gang member he worked with. My favorite story in this chapter was in 1990 the television show 60 Minutes came to Dolores Mission Church. Someone that was a producer had read something about Father G's work with the gang memebers and wanted to do a report. Mike Wallace was the guy that did the work. Mike arrived in the poorest part of Los Angela's, after he visited he explained " can I admit something? I came here expecting monsters. But that's not what I found" (Boyle21).

In chapter 2 " Dis-grace" I got to understand and learn how Father G works with each gang member, and how he has a special relationships with some of them in different but unquie ways. I believe the theme in this chapter is friendship. The theme is friendship because it's important to build relationships with others and Father G showed that through this chapter. My favorite story he shared in this chapter was when Speedy took his kids to Barnes and Nobel and they all read the books they liked. Then he ended up buying the Harry Potter book before his kids enjoyed it some much. They would read the book and share times reading. This really made me think and smile when reading this, because it makes me so happy when parents do things for there kids to make them happy. I can now meet new people and build relationships with them.

In the chapter 3 "Compassion" I got to read about father G expressing his compassion for the gang members even during hard times. "Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It’s a covenant between equals." I believe the theme in this chapter is sympathy, because father G shows his feelings toward everyone tremendously. My favorite story he shared in this chapter was when Benito and Father G would tell each other jokes, and they would just laugh. This really touched my heart because just little things like that can express compassion and sympathy. I can take this and use it in my life by building compassion for everyone.

In chapter 4 " Water, Oil, Flame" father G baptized gangsters. I believe the theme of this chapter is prayer, because praying helps things get better and bring you closer to God. The story that touched my heart was the One of the Gang members George. George had just been awarded his GED and was to be baptized on the same day, but what he did not know was that Cisco had been shot and killed the day prior. I have learned through this chapter that it's important to stay close to God always.
In chapter 5 "slow work" the title is referring to God working in our lives. I believe the theme in this chapter is Father G wants everyone to get out of this chapter is you can't force someone to make a change, even if you want them to and you think it would be good for them. Father G tried and convinced the homies to make a change, but they wouldn't always try to do the first time. My favorite story in the chapter was when Father G meets Grumpy and offers him free tattoo removal when he gets out of jail. This story's main idea is that you have to rely and listen to God's slow work to have everything work in the end.

In chapter 6 " Jurisdiction" I believe it is named this because we always want to work in God's jurisdiction. The theme I believe of this chapter is becoming friends with your ememies. My favorite story in this chapter was when Beto he shared his foods with everyone selflessly uses of humor giving "tips" to the waiter. This made me laugh and maybe I would do that someday when I'm at a restaurant for fun. I think we should all be friends no matter what because the world would be a better place.

For the chapter 7 "Gladness" I believe the title is names this because you should always be great full for what you have gotten given to you. The main theme of this chapter is loving each other through hard times. My favorite story was Ricky and Adam­ were brothers who lost their other brother, but loved each other and have each other’s backs. This meant a lot to me and really made me appreciate what I have. Also how I am so thankful I have a sister in my life to love and be loved by her like Ricky and Adam were to each other.

In this chapter " Success" I believe the title is this because we are not called to be successful, but faithful. The theme of this chapter is faith over success. My favorite story is when Freddy­ cries with G and consolidates with him, speaks of his gratitude to G Humor­ girls in gangs shame the males into fighting. The emotion of Freddy crying with Father G shows how caring Father G really his and how faithful he is with the gang members. I can do this by being really caring to everyone.

In the chapter " Kinship" I believe it is named this because we are one together. The theme of this chapter is remembering that we belong to one another, and letting souls feel their worth." My favorite story is when Louie­ happy spirit, laughs with G and they bond instantly. This engages you and how close gang Ever are with Father G and how confertable With him. It's so unique how people connect and have special relationships that they can't explain to anyone else. I can take this into my life that building relationships and making each of the important.

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