Fresh water wetlands BY: NOAH & SAGE


Wetlands are located where standing water covers the soil or an area where the ground is very wet. Fresh water wetlands is found along the boundaries of streams, lakes, and ponds or even in large shallow holes that fill with rain water.


There are many types of plants in the wetlands. There is the duckweed which is a plant that floats on top of the water. There is the cattail and it is a tall reedlike plant. Lastly, there is the sedges which is a grasslike plant with triangular stems.

Biome Facts

Like estuaries , wetlands provide very valuable services to people. Wetlands provide fish to eat. They also provide floods protection during heavy storms. Wetlands filter all water for people to drink if thirsty. Just of these valuable services we need to work on to conserve our wetlands. More interesting facts about fresh water wetlands they are not connected to the oceans, and wetlands may stay wet all year long, may dry up in the dry season.


The different types of animals & insect are frogs, toads, birds, and salamanders are the animals there but there are also insect like leeches which they suck the blood out of you for food & there are also mosquitoes.


What is at the wetlands and what does it look like? At the wetlands there is water, grass, tall grass, moss, and trees in the water.


The climate at wetlands are a cool breeze so in wetlands it not humid or really cold but it has a nice breeze to the air making it cool. And when its drys up the weather becomes kinda good probably in the late 50%

The End

Fresh Water Wetlands


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