Musket The first European firearm

The musket allowed the Europeans to conquer the Americas faster.

The musket itself was five an a half feet long and weighed twenty pounds.

The bullets were called Buckshots. They weighed around two ounces.

The musket had a range of 175 yards with some accuracy. Because the bullets were handmade, there were some imperfections that caused it to go off course.

In the late 1860s, muskets were replaced by the first rifles. The first rifles would not have been possible without the technology used in muskets. The musket played a key role in the development of European firearms.


A cord match set off the powder charge and the wheel lock set off sparks. This shot the bullet forward.

The military still used muskets long after the development of the first rifles.

Many enimies, including chiefs, we killed by muskets. However, the Mohawks began to aquire firearms from the Dutch and English. The innovation of the rifle benefitted the Europeans in the long term because they could kill Mohawks a lot faster than the Mohawks could kill them.

Currently, muskets are not used. The musket was a vital piece of firearms and the United States may have not been this far in weaponry without them.

The musket has a huge impact on the conquest of North America because the Europeans may have, otherwise, not been able to conquer America.


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