Samsung Galaxy Ace This phone CatcheS FIRE!

What is the screen made of?

The screen is made mostly of aluminum tin and Indium. The Glass is made up of silicon and Aluminum Oxide. This contains Potassium Ions to prevent breaking. There are many trace elements used in phones to give colours to the Apps that we download.

Made in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Brazil and Micronesia.

The major elements that make up the Samsung Galaxy Screen are Indium, Tin, and Aluminum. A variety of Rare elements are used to make the Apps on our screens and block UV lights. The glass is made up of Aluminum Oxide and Silicon and is reinforced with Potassium for strength.
Made in India, Brazil, China, and Vietnam. Two factories in Vietnam make 240 million phones per year.

Aluminum: Austrailia is a leading exporter of Aluminum. It makes sense that the Aluminum from my Samsung comes from Australia because it is close to Asia where the majority of the phones are made.

Tin: is mined in China which is a leading exporter.

Indium is produced in China too. But a lot of Indium comes from the TECK Cominco company of British Columbia in Canada.

Silicon is found from Sand mines which exist all over the world. The issue is that Sand mines can negatively effect the habitats of sea creatures due to the erosion that is caused by it.

Can SMARTPHONES be recycled?

AT &T says they are concerned about the impact of their phones on the environment. Should we believe what they are saying?


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