Skyler Brook Vitti Health Project by Kaitlyn Rose Vitti

This project is a very hard project. The job of a parent is not easy. I am not ready to be a parent, it is too hard. I learned that you get NO sleep. I can actually sleep and have fun when I do not have the baby. I had to stop Skyler from crying buy rocking her side to side and then sticking a key into her. I was laughed at and teased for carrying the baby around. If you are a teenager and had a baby it would be hard. If i was a parent I think my life would be destroyed because I am way too young.
I brought Skyler home on Wednesday the 15th of March 2017
This is the day I brought Skyler home
My family loved Skyler
I took Skyler to the visit Dr. Salem
My mom made me carry Skyler around
I took Skyler to dinner at Habachi
I fed Skyler
Skyler was scared of the fire!
And then the crying started!!!
I read Skyler a bedtime story.
Skyler and I slept together
Skyler kept me up ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!
I got Skyler dressed in the morning
It was such a struggle to take care of the baby

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