Together We Are Strong A Letter from Habitat Kent's Executive Director

Humanity wants knowledge and beauty now. We do not wait for suitable moments that never come. If men had postponed the search for knowledge and beauty until they were secure, the search would never have begun. - C.S. Lewis

No matter how much this “year of the pandemic” has affected our lives, we all still strive for knowledge and beauty. That desire doesn’t evaporate in hard times, and it has not been defeated by Covid-19. Indeed, Lewis suggests, it is resilient because it is instilled in the human heart by God.

Here at Habitat Kent, the families we serve are not waiting for the pandemic to be over to dream about their future. They have hope, now. Here at Habitat, staff is not waiting for the most “suitable” moment to continue our mission, we’re pounding nails and lifting walls now! To do anything less would be to deny who we are and the hope that God has instilled in us.

In the next several pages you will be able to learn more about Habitat’s past year. You’ll see we used your financial gifts well. You’ll see the success of the Bright Future Campaign and you’ll read inspirational stories about Habitat families.

But what I trust you take away from this report is that Habitat is full of hope, because staff, donors, volunteers and Habitat families are hope-filled people! We’re making plans for growth and bridge building and bringing the whole of our community together in this great work!

This has been a challenging and difficult year for so many, but our faith and work are not diminished. We believe, as C.S. Lewis said in a different setting, “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” Indeed, the future is still bright!


Bev Thiel

Executive Director

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Bev Thiel