Halloween looks at Lowell by Tess Randall AND Zoe Simotas

Photo by Bella Deloa

Junior Francesa Ficano, a member of Lowell’s drama department and an aspiring actress, saw this Halloween as the chance to dress up as Heather Chandler, one of her dream roles. Chandler is a prominent character in the cult classic movie “Heathers” and its recent musical adaptation. In order to embody the character, Ficano thrifted a red blazer, plaid skirt, red scrunchy, and knee-high socks for a total of $20. In the past she has gone as Sandy from the musical “Grease” and Alexander Hamilton from the musical “Hamilton.” Photo by Bella Deloa
Senior Chloe Yu opted for a more interpretive costume. Inspired by body painters and effects artists on YouTube, she captured the concept of “butterflies coming out of your stomach, but in reverse,” through painting butterflies on her lips and attaching copious amounts of butterfly clips to her clothing. Despite her previous experience with effects makeup, such as creating the illusions of duct tape ripping off her mouth and a knife going through her neck, this butterfly ensemble still required two whole months of planning. Yu credits its eventual “perfection” to the many hours she spent practicing the makeup during the month leading up to Halloween. Photo by Bella Deloa
Sophomore Ella Shonk chose to incorporate her passion for literature into her Halloween costume. She wore an ornate mask and a home-sewn velvet cape in order to replicate the gravedigger Red Death from Edgar Allan Poe’s novel The Masque of the Red Death. Shonk’s outfit proved to be on the expensive side of Lowellite costumes, totaling around $50, as well as quite labor intensive, requiring a month and a half of careful sewing. Photo by Bella Deloa
Junior Pietro Juvara decided to come to school as a Halloween staple — the skeleton. His costume consisted of a black suit, intricate face paint, and blue-colored contacts. These elements combined to create the “spooky” aesthetic he desired, while remaining within the school’s Halloween dress code. In past years Juvara has dressed up as characters like a Shadowhunter from the Mortal Instruments books and Jughead Jones from the television series “Riverdale,” but this year he wanted to experiment with a scarier look. The outfit cost him $25, and similar to Yu, was in the works for months leading up to its debut at school. Photo by Bella Deloa
Juniors Michelle Song and Caitlin Woo chose to collaborate on their costumes, and dressed up as Pac Man and the Pac Man Ghost. Last year the pair came to school as a can of Morton Salt and the Morton Salt girl, and they wanted to make sure and “go all out” again this Halloween. Eventually they agreed upon the iconic Pac Man video game characters because they wanted their costume to be both recognizable and humorous. Though the planning process took time, their matching outfits ended up “virtually free” because Woo already owned the cardboard and acrylic paint necessary to create their pixelated accessories. Photo by Bella Deloa