Malcolm X Journey Of freedom and pride

Young Age

Young Marcus Gare

Malcolm X's name was originally Malcolm little . He was born in Jamaica 1887. He moved to the United States in the 1920's to unite and promote Black Pride. Malcolm moved to the United States in the time of very strict segregation. African Americans weren't allowed to go to certain places with a sign saying "White Only". There were many rules, one of the main laws was Jim crow which kept African Americans and Caucasians separated. Malcolm grew up in Boston and partially New York. The teen decided to take drugs and alcohol, also got involved in certain crimes. Malcolm and his partners decided to steal drugs and such things which led Marcus 10 years in prison. Malcolm's family wasn't successful in winning the case because of the segregation.

Malcolm As A Teen


Minister Malcolm

Malcolm And Elijah

Later in his life Malcolm understood that life shouldn't be this way because when he lost his dad, mom, and siblings he was nothing in the world, he had to give up everything. So, he went back to what he was supposed to do, promote the Africans. Malcolm decided to attend a club called "Garvey Club". Then he thought, becoming a minister was the only way to fulfill his dreams. Malcolm succeeded but he needed a person to follow and so he chose Muhammad Elijah, one of the islamic leaders. Malcolm devoted his life to Islam and Elijah so he changed his name to Malcolm X. Elijah and Malcolm gave many speeches. Most were against Martin luther king junior. Malcolm believed only ”black” rights should be declared but Martin Luther King jr. believed everyone should earn their right. Peace or War?


Martin Luther King jr. And Malcolm

Malcolm was very disappointed when he heard Elijah did an act against the islamic beliefs even though he was an Islamic leader. Muhammad Elijah was sent to jail with the approval of President John F. kennedy and Malcolm X. Malcolm soon realized Martin Luther King jr. idea : “Everyone should be equal” was what Malcolm wanted to hear. Martin Luther king jr. and Malcolm X became very good friends and did speeches with each other. Malcolm still approved Islam as a part of his life so he took off and went to Saudi Arabia where he thought he could get help.

Words To Education

Malcolm believed education was the most important thing everyone should get. Martin Luther king jr. and Malcolm X did many speeches about how harsh the world is being, not letting kids with colored skin have same education when all of them are kids. X also believed education leads to everything, that means you are nothing without education. Malcolm spoke many words about good education. Education was also one of his main goals, he wanted to make sure everyone got equal education, so all are powerful and have something to do.



1964 was the year when Dr. King and minister Garvey won. With pride Garvey married Betty Shabazz on January 14, 1958. He had 7 kids including , Qubilah Shabazz (Daughter) · Ilyasah Shabazz (Daughter) · Attallah Shabazz (Daughter) · Malikah Shabazz (Daughter) · Gamilah Lumumba Shabazz (Daughter) · Malaak Shabazz (Daughter). Malcolm lived happily until Feb 21, 1965 when he got assassinated.



Even though Malcolm Shabazz is dead but his words still remain. All his work did do something a very big thing. His knowledge influenced many people. He is history and should be truly remembered because of the hard time he went through. He was remembered a great man because of his own words and actions.



Brave, Hopeful, forgiveful

Father of Qubilah Shabazz·Ilyasah Shabazz·Attallah Shabazz· Malikah Shabazz·Gamilah Lumumba Shabazz·Malaak Shabazz. Husband of Betty Shabazz. Son of Louise little and Earl Little. Sibling of Ella Collins, Wilfred X, Philbert X, Reginald Little

Freedom, Liberty, Justice, and Equality

Who experienced Sadness, Forgiveness, Inequality

Who was fearful of No liberty, Sadness, Untrustworthiness

Who Helped finish the segregation

Who wanted to see happiness

Born in Jamaica and living in Nebraska



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By Raiyah


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