❄️Fire and Ice 🔥(poem by Robert Frost) by: Karla hevenor

Some say the world will end in fire🔥🔥
Some say in ice❄️❄️
From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire🔥🔥
But if it had to perish twice🔥🔥
I think I know enough of hate😡😡
To say that for destruction, ice Is also great❄️ 🏔
And ice would suffice❄️😄
TONE OF THE POEM- I think the tone of this poem is hopeless and Destructive. The poem is talking about how the world is going to end and we are all either going to freeze or burn to death. The tone is giving off the vibe of how we have to stay in the balance between it and if we go to either side to much then it will lead to destruction.
THEME OF THE POEM- I think the theme of this poem is Balance. Since fire represents desire and ice represents hate, It shows how you have to keep a perfect balance in order for everything to stay safe. It shows how if you lean to one too much that it will be unbalanced and thats what will kill us.
SYMBOL #1- FIRE- In the poem 'Fire and Ice' Fire symbolizes Desire because it is hot and Firey. It can destroy things tho just like fire because everyone wants it but not everyone can get it.
SYMBOL #2- ICE- In the poem 'Fire and Ice' Ice symbolizes Hate because it is cold and dark. O think it symbolizes hate because if to many people start hating then the world is in chaos.


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