Invented Coat of Arms

The symbols known today as coat-of-arms date back to the Middle Ages. Knights and nobles had special symbols, called "heraldry," that represented their family. The use of coat-of-arms began as a way to identify knights from one another. When in full armor there was no way to know who was who until knights to painted symbols on their shields, eventually putting the symbol on their banner as well as the coat they wore over their armor, "coat of arms."

Well Known Coats-of-Arms

Francisco de los Cobos of Úbeda, Spain hired architect Diego de Siloé to build their mausoleum. Here you can see the coat-of-arms of Francisco de los Cobos' that guards the left side of the chapel's entrance and his wife's family coat-of-arms to the right.A
Here pictured is the last armorial of the Stuart monarch for use in Great Britain, 1707 to 1714 , as well as other coats-of-arms in the Stewart family.
The states in the USA also use coats-of-arms. Pictured here are examples from Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Invent your Own Coat-of-Arms

1. Establish Shape

Escutcheon or shield was the main shape of the coat of arms. These are the main origins of shield shapes but they can evolve greatly from this point.

Shield shapes common for gender rolls.

2. Create the Field

Tinctures, or colors, are solid colors on the escutcheon background. These colors symbolize various meanings. Furs, or patterned designs, sometimes lay on top of tinctures and are also symbols.

Traditional fur patterns and color meanings.

3. Charge!

A charge is any emblem on the escutcheon. This may be a symbol of the person, profession, animal, plant, and so much more,

Some common charges.

4. Motto

A motto, usually one a banner, sit either at the top or bottom of the coat-of-arms. It should express your intention or motivation.

Motto on banners

5. Supporters (optional)

Many Coat of Arms have Supporters, one on each side of the shield in either an upright position facing forward or in a profile position. Supporters can be animals or people which have some influence the person making the coat-of-arms.

Invent Your OWN Coat of Arms

Sketch out your Coat of Arms using the information that you researched.

Label and Explain each item on your shield.

Now we are ready to build your shield!!

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