COM60203 - 0325804 Softbox

Using camera's inbuilt flash

F5.0, 1/60 Shutter Speed, ISO800

Using external light source diffused by tracing paper

F4.0, 1/60 Shutter Speed, ISO320

This exercise was pretty cool and fun as we got to see how we can turn harsh light into softer light which looks good for perfume photography. The process of making the softbox was relatively simple and straightforward, using common materials to achieve the effects desired. However, I can see areas of which we can improve on in the softbox design. Firstly, we should have used a smaller box which will require less time to cut. Secondly, we should have used stronger and larger lights such as lamps as the torchlights were quite weak and could not illuminate the perfume bottle as effectively as I would have liked.


Photos by Hans L.

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