Math 2016-2017

Unit 1

Shapes and Desighns

My favorite topic was using a protractor to draw angles because I liked creating angles by using protractors.

The most challenging topic from this unit was interior angle sum formula because it was a lot of things to remember.

Here's what I did to study for the test: I did all the reviews and looked at past homework and work sheets.

Here's what I would like to do differently for the next unit to increase my learning.

In this unit I got a 3.5, 3.5, and a 2.5

Unit 2

Accentuate The Negative Reflection

My favorite topic from this unit was using order of operations because I found it easy but hard, so I liked the challenge.

The most challenging topic from this unit was add and subtract integers because I always got confused of when I was suppose to use the leave and change method.

For this test I studied by looking over my review.

In the test I made a lot of error when I was trying to do the leave change opposite method.

For the next test I will try to work harder on the parts I didn't get and to ask questions when needed.

For this test I got a 3, 3.5, 4, and a 4.

Unit 3

Stretching and Shrinking Reflection

My favorite topic from this unit was drawing shapes and coordinate grids because I liked having some coordinates and then turning them into something cool

The most challenging topic in this unit was finding similar shapes because I had trouble with how both sides can't be multiples by the same #, it don't work

For this unit I studied by looking over my review and took notes on it so I could remember it better and I would remember the notes.

In this unit test I made mistakes when I had a problem a few times about reading the question wrong.

On the next test I will make sure I practice more on things I don't get and study more out of school.

On the test I got a 4, 3, 3, and a 4.

Unit 4

Comparing and Scaling

My favorite topic was Set up and solve proportions because it came easy to me because you are just multiplying and dividing #.

The most challenging topic from this unit was Judge whether statements make sense and are useful.

For this unit I made sure I had everything right and turned in this unit for homework.

For this unit I practices in class and looked over some math sheets. On the unit test I made some minor mistakes by doing part to whole not part to part. Also I didn't explain enough. Lastly I just got a couple answers wrong.

For the next unit I will pay more attention to the questions.

Unit 5

Moving Straight Ahead

My favorite topic in this unit was solving linear equations because it dealt with a lot of thinking. Also because I wasn't the best at it before and I then worked hard on it and got better.

The most challenging part in this unt was finding the point of intersections because it was hard for me to sometimes read the graph.

For this test I studied by looking over my practice sheets and reviews

My goal for the next unit is to get at least one 4 on the test.

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