Old Car City Tom Bol Photo Workshops - 2017 Trip Highlights

How was our first trip to Old Car City with Tom Bol Photo Workshops? The pictures say it all.

Day 1

We spent two days on 32 acres shooting the world's largest classic car junkyard. While some students chose to focus on natural lighting, others learned to use speed lights with gels. Eric Lacey created an image with a six frame multiple exposure using gels and his tripod! Students could choose from 4000 classic cars without having to worry about crowds or cold temperatures.

Our photographers in the field at Old Car City in White, Georgia

Day 2

During the second day of the workshop we added models and used Elinchrom strobes in the field to create stunning portraits. With three models on site, there was plenty of time for everyone to try the new gear. This trip provided the perfect opportunity for photographers to try using strobes before committing to buy them.

Joshua Natanson using an Elinchrom strobe to photograph Natasha
Vivek Gupta using a speed light with an orange gel

Interested in joining us in Old Car City in October 2018, click on the button below:

A Buick Eight shot at F 1.4 - Image by Tom Bol
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Cree Bol


Cree & Tom Bol

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